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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Romero Hearing Aids, we are proud to offer a full range of hearing aids from the world’s top manufacturers. By providing multiple options from the best hearing aid makers, we are better able to help you in finding the perfect hearing aid to meet your needs and preferences. Read below to learn more about the manufacturers we work with.

Changing lives and creating solutions so ‘life is on’ for everyone.

Phonak was originally founded in Zurich in 1947 by a group of investors. Today, the company has expanded exponentially and is now represented in over 100 countries throughout the world. Phonak aims to create “solutions that change people’s lives to thrive both socially and emotionally”. The company sets out to consistently challenge the limits of technology to solve even the most difficult issues facing those with hearing losses. Phonak is also part of the Sonova Group - the leading manufacturer of innovative hearing healthcare solutions.

Phonak Audéo Marvel: “Love at first sound”

Phonak’s Marvel is a revolution in advanced hearing aid features. Marvel uses patented technology to deliver clearer and better speech understanding - even in noisy environments. The device is also able to connect to and wirelessly stream from iPhones, androids and any other Bluetooth enabled technology. A simple plug-in even enables your favorite shows and movies to be streamed directly from your TV to your hearing aids. Whether streaming or simply enjoying life, the Audéo Marvel is able to instantly recognize and distinguish between speech, music, and background noise - and intuitively adjusts accordingly to deliver the best sound experience. Marvel hearing aids are also rechargeable.


"People First"

Oticon was the brainchild of Hans Demant, a man who was passionate about helping his beloved wife lead a life unhindered by her hearing loss - way back in 1904. Since the company’s beginning, it has consistently strived to focus on the people it serves - putting them at the forefront of every decision they make. Oticon is now one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers on the planet. The company also employs a strong focus on charitable contributions by funding the Oticon Hearing Foundation - which works to bring hearing solutions to underprivileged communities throughout the world.

Oticon OPN: “Hear better and remember more with less effort”

Oticon’s OPN (pronounced “open”) uses the company’s BrainHearing(tm) technology - that has been proven to reduce a wearer’s listening effort in noisy environments. This allows more brain energy to go into understanding, responding, and remembering, and less into “hearing”. OPN has been found to improve speech intelligibility by 30%, and allows wearers to hear and understand things all around them, not just directly in front of them like traditional hearing aids. OPN hearing aids come in three styles and also include a rechargeable option.

Signia is known as the “forward thinking brand” under their parent company, The Sivantos Group. Signia is relatively young as far as hearing aid manufacturers go, though The Sivantos Group dates way back to 1913. The Sivantos Group is a giant amongst hearing aid manufacturers - currently fitting one in four hearing aids throughout the world.

Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx: “The most natural own voice”

The Pure Charge&Go by Signia combines their patented Nx technology with a rechargeable option. These hearing aids support Bluetooth connectivity and can support hours of streaming each day. The Signia Nx and Nx Pure Charge&Go hearing aids allow users to hear their own voice much more naturally than many other hearing aids. They also come equipped with an intuitive app that helps users to better control settings.


“Designing for the future”

Unitron is a Canadian based hearing aid manufacturer who employs a strong emphasis on style and design. Unitron aims to manufacture hearing aids that are not only functional and intuitive, but also designed in a way that they can actually become part of a wearer’s identity. Over the past three years, the company has earned five RedDot awards for their design and innovation.

Unitron Moxi: “Have it all”

Moxi is a family of hearing aids designed and manufactured by Unitron. The newest member, the Moxi All aims to give its wearers “it all”. The Moxi All can connect to all phones, not just iPhones. Moxi hearing aids also utilize Unitron’s patented SoundCore technology, which is made up of four intelligent features that work together to learn your listening environment and fluidly adjust to help you participate in every conversation.