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The practice philosophy would best be a derivation of the Golden Rule:

“Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated”. We believe that your time as a patient is valuable and we try to not overbook appointments thus allowing us to spend quality time with each individual. We recognize that the practice of Hearing Aids is both a science and an art; thus hearing aid fitting and dispensing is a process rather than an event. Thus the same hearing aid can sound and perform vastly different depending on the way it has been programmed.

Customer Focus

Knowing how to listen is the first step towards understanding the needs, sometimes complex, of our customers. Our objective is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. To this end, we are ready to accommodate the most demanding requests while guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
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Team Skills

For all of us at Romero Hearing Aids, working in a team means haring information and experiences, adopting an open approach to communications, and creating a positive and proactive work environment. We are committed to overcoming the barriers between people, roles, and countries, and make the most of other people’s experience to transform valid ideas into best practices. We assume the responsibility of achieving goals and delivering results even when working indirectly through others.
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Our Staff

Nathan Romero

Hearing Aid Dispenser

Nathan Romero was born and raised in Southern California. Nathan received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication Sciences and Disorders from California State University- Fullerton (CSUF) in 2018. He joined Dr. Davis’s private practice in the Fall of 2017 as licensed Audiology Aide and front office manager. He recently became a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser with the State of California. Nathan has numerous responsibilities including follow-up appointments, hearing aid re-programming, Bluetooth connections from your hearing aid to your cell phone, troubleshooting, and counseling of new and returning patients.

“Working for a private practice of this caliber requires me to continue my education to make sure our  patients are getting the best professional hearing health care available. My goal is to ensure that every visit is handled with care and enthusiasm. I pride myself with going the extra mile (we provide home service for patients that need this level of care) because I want our patients to know they are valued and appreciated.  Staying up-to-date with new cutting-edge technology and the ever changing medical field is something I take very seriously. I want our patients to experience all the sounds this world has to offer. We strive to make sure all our patients expectations are not only met, but exceeded.”

Nathan enjoys outdoor activities, listening to music, visiting new restaurants and exploring the vivid sky of various National Parks.

Renee Ellis

Office Manager